Welcome to DARTs

Welcome to DARTs, the Data Analysis Reduction Team service by Eureka Scientific Inc. DARTs is a freelance exchange between astronomers and data analysts to allow for faster data processing time, an exchange of data processing knowledge, and temporary employment for those who wish to stay in astronomy.


    For scientists:
    By hiring a DARTs analyst for your data reduction project you can have,

    1. a shorter learning curve for faster data analysis
    2. short-term contracts with experienced analysts -- freeing your time for traditional mentoring of young scientists
    3. low overhead through the Eureka Scientific Inc. institute
    4. a new dataset reduced without having to retrain yourself for a new facility or software

    For data analysts:
    Becoming a DARTs analyst has several advantages for your career.

    1. Keeping your analysis skills current with new software and new datasets
    2. Start building contacts for future collaborations
    3. Keeping a hand in astronomy: perfect for those who have left the field to pursue other employment, but still want to work with astronomy
    4. Short term employment for young astronomers who may be inbetween positions or who need to augment current salaries
    5. Small jobs for parents or other caregiviers who cannot stay full-time astronomers

Want to learn more? Visit our Scientist and Data Analyst information pages.

For questions/comments about this site, please contact the DARTs coordinator