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What Eureka Scientific Can Do for You

By submitting research proposals as Principal Investigator through Eureka Scientific, scientists have the following advantages:

  1. Full control over the scientific direction of their proposed research
  2. Full control of their budget within the guidelines of the funding agency
  3. Low indirect costs which can substantially increase the percentage of their budget that can be used directly for their proposed research
  4. Simplified financial management structure, requiring minimal work on the part of the principal investigator.

These four main advantages can be achieved because Eureka Scientific:

  1. Offers a level of flexibility unavailable in large institutional settings
  2. Charges a substantially reduced indirect rate (overhead) than the amount charged by most U.S. academic institutions
  3. Has a simplified and responsive management structure.



Eureka Scientific is a California corporation founded in 1992 by eight research scientists of the University of California, Berkeley. It was created to promote the pursuit of scientific research in astrophysics and other related fields without the restrictions on principal investigator status placed on non-faculty scientific research staff.

Eureka Scientific provides scientists with a responsive environment for submitting proposals to both private and government funding agencies as principal investigator, thus being in full control of their research and budget.